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Jo Ann Maxwell

avidI am an avid reader. Mostly I read Christian historical fiction. But I like others such as the late Maeve Binchy, John Grisham, David Baldacci, J A Jance, Karen White, Karen Harper, and even Nicholas Sparks.

When I moved from Montana to Seattle, I donated about 300 books. When I moved from Seattle to North Carolina, I donated about another 200. Before I received my iPad, I started using a Nook ereader.  

When I found out I could use my iPad as a Kindle, I started borrowing books from the library. I still buy a few, but mostly I borrow them from the library.  My mother and I can also be on the family plan through Amazon and share books back and forth.

Now that I’m retired I can read all day long. I don’t, but I certainly could!

My love of reading might have been a precursor to…

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