Keep fighting. Motivational


I have tried a several times,
But success hasn’t found my way,
I have lost all the hope,
That I will make it one day.

Out I go to ease my soul,
In desperation of inspirational lessons,
A gentle walk amidst nature’s beauty,
Nature, my tutor, and I, it’s tutee.

Suddenly my sight falls on a tree,
A fledgling trying it’s best to fly,
Fails and it fails, but finally,
It finds itself flying in the sky.

A step forward and a butterfly I see
Trying hard to come out of a cocoon,
It tries and tries, bit by bit,
It finds it’s way out, although not soon.

Another step forward I go,
And tiny little ant I see,
Trying to climb up, it falls many times,
Finally making it up the tree.

This much is more than enough,
It’s a new chapter in my life story,
For nature taught…

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11 thoughts on “FIGHT UNTIL GLORY

  1. This is not a place for “C…owards”!

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  2. What a lovely 😊 poem..
    Of inner thoughts…

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  3. Beautiful poem. Powerful, infact. Because it shows an insight into a mind and heart that is vulnerable to their experiences, yet strong and brave enough to admit it, express it and share it.

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