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What’s So Funny Anyway?

Humour is what makes something funny; a sense of humour is the ability to recognize it. Someone with a well-developed sense of humour has the ability to recognize what’s funny in others and can amuse them as well.


Often we find our kids giggling, and what for? We don’t understand. A word its pronunciation, its use all finds humour in a child’s eye. And what surprises me is how they find humour even in otherwise tense situations. For example, we were stuck in a bad traffic jam (Bangalore traffic is crazy mind you) people shouting, auto drivers crowding and cars honking all around. While we were discussing on the urgency of our travel, Anaya (my 6 yr. old, then 4) comes up with this:

Anaya: “Mom, you know why are the cars honking?”

Me (irritated): what Anaya can’t you see all are in a hurry!


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