Panic mode!!

Determination to succeed asking for guidance.Salute!

Scribbles by Shiv

So today the panic set in.

Currently Im studying for my childcare qualification, whilst simultaneously studying for a degree and working. Im not naive in knowing that so many people juggle all these things plus more. All i can say is hats off to you if you’re managing all of the above!

My childcare qualification was something I had started whilst working in a preschool, however I now nanny privately. I have to say this has changed the dynamics of my studies dramatically. Working independently looking after multiple children means I no longer have that constant support network of fellow colleagues to fall back on or simply ask for a hand. Its also limited the amount of free time I have to actually sit down with my head in the books.

Today the sudden realisation of how little time I have left hit me like freight train. I sat and…

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