Safety Pre- Cautions on Campus

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“Congratulations! You have been accepted to our University! We invite you to our New Student Orientation and tour around campus! Hope to see you soon!” ~ The Admissions Office

Tour Guide: Many students (including me) have gone to the New Student Orientation hosted by the admission counselors, but always and I mean ALWAYS skip the tour guide! Attending the tours are the essential for safety. It is important to know where your semester classes are held; in which buildings, campus garages, where your dorm is located, the nearest food markets or fitness gym, etc.

EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION:Make sure you record all emergency phone numbers on your phone or device and most importantly written down in a notebook or phone book just in case you lose it. Examples: Campus Police Station, Dorm Reception, Advising Centers, Testing Centers; Friends and Family is a MUST!


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