The Ribbons (3/4)

A Glimpse of Darkness

The Ribbons (1/4)

The Ribbons (2/4)

​Aunty Yohani handed me a box. The cardboard was punched and it reminded me of the cheese from Tom and Jerry! Why’d she pack my gift in such a cheesy looking box? I pulled off the Ribbons and looked into the box! “Open it, open it” Damn, this woman is more impatient than I am!I looked into the box, curiosity slaying me into shreads and I caught my breath as two sparkly eyes looked back at me.

Oh no! Not another piece of shit..

It jumped out of the box and licked my face! Ewww.. that slimy ass crap is now all over me. It’s tail rotated and wiggled like a dying worm!“Tippy has a friend” I heard someone squeak!

No fucking way! The world’s most ugliest puppy was now mine!“Congratulations Riley the sucker-piece-of-shit-puppy owner man”I gave my self animaginary standing…

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