this is fine.

heaven and haleigh

I try to catch up on my blog reading on Sundays. Especially now that I won’t have the same low-maintenance desk job I used to have, reading at 11:00 AM every morning may be a tad difficult. But Sunday mornings, wide open for reading all the wonderful things other bloggers are talking about.

reading other people’s work inevitably gets me thinking about the things I want to be writing about. That’s a big part of how writing works. You read what other people have written and it starts to inspire you to write something of your own. Or maybe that’s just me. But yes, that is a part of my process.

a few weeks back I said I was trying to be more positive, but my blogs have been relatively negative. Lately, things have not been going as ideally as they should. My dad kept reminding me while I was…

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