Under the same sky 

Thoughtful Poem by Manal

Sensible Nonsense

Under the same sky, so far apart.

on the front steps of my darkened house,

A flash of lightning across the sky

Catches my eye.

I look up to see clouds curtaining the moon.

You’re standing under the same sky

Somewhere only the moon can see you.

A rain drop falls on my cheek.

I close my eyes and you’re there

The raindrop tracing your soft contours.

The wind is picking up.

Raging storm is silence to my ears.

In that silence I hear your name

Echoing in the empty chambers inside me

Tell me the wind whispers in your ear

Of sweet melodies, long forgotten.

Lost in my reverie.

Time melts into oblivion.

In stolen moments

With a hush inside and outside.

I open my eyes, the night has cleared

Transported back to the front step of my darkened house.

Till the next storm comes we will be


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