What’s in my University Bag?

I usually switch between these two bags to pack my univeristy things.

  • Left bag: I ordered it from this website. It is by Tony Bianco.
  • Right bag: Jansport (the typical university student’s bag)


  • My laptop: for taking notes in lectures
  • Drink bottle
  • Prescription glasses: I do not wear my glasses all the time. I only wear my glasses when I can’t see the lectures slides so I need to bring the case.
  • My wallet: it’s from Longchamp. I love this wallet so much because the colours are perfect as well as the design. It fits all my cards and has the compartment for me to put my coins and paper cards for collecting stamps.
  • Handsantanizer
  • Hand cream: I bought it from Japan. It’s very moisturising and is 99% natural.
  • Lipbalm: it’s my all time favourite lip balm from Nivea. It also has SPF15 which will protect your lips from the…

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