“10-Minute Drivers”

The Story speaks for itself.

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The Improve Act shows great initiative to address a problematic issue, but it does not address the actual issue. Traffic isn’t terrible because of the condition of the roads. Traffic is bad because, collectively, the people of Nashville cannot drive. Long- story- short, they lack the instincts and the overall capabilities for safe and effective driving because the requirements for obtaining a drivers license don’t promote these skills. The driving test lasts about ten minutes. There is no way they are prepared to drive, and maneuver throughout traffic, after making two rights and three lefts to the administrator’s approval. Having more people on the roads who can actually drive will improve traffic. My suggestion would be to help future drivers help the condition of traffic by making the requirements for obtaining a drivers license comparable to real-life scenarios. They are not prepared, so all of the “10-minute” drivers are the…

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