Are we all the same?



There’re so many countries and cultures around the world that it’s hard even to name all of them. And what about getting to know some of their most important features of character? If that’s on your bucket list, you may be facing the impossible. But let’s go back to being serious (and rational)!

It’s obvious that the easiest way to learn something about other cultures is traveling. OK, the question may be – how much time is required to do it? Is one week or month enough? In my opinion, it depends. You can spend a whole year in one country but remain reserved and closed towards its inhabitants (staying in a 5 star hotel, eating food you already know, not talking to strangers) and leave it possessing the same amount of knowledge as before. In the opposite, you can have only one week off but want to experience the…

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One thought on “Are we all the same?

  1. Hmmm!! I strongly think that no matter what different genre or background a person go through. I do feel that we are all the same. Best we might have different skin color or have different culture but we do Inspire to doing the same exact things monitory of the times. But great post.

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