Back In The Kitchen


The Expressive Articulate

Once upon a time, I absolutely abhorred cooking for myself. However, when it came to cooking for my family and friends, I happily did so without question. I enjoyed experimenting with different recipes, creating various dishes to serve with a smile to those I love. I just didn’t see a comparable benefit in putting the effort to cook for myself as opposed to cooking for others. It was easier to just throw together a yogurt bowl, a turkey wrap, or pop a frozen Amy’s meal in the oven. Part of me felt this way due to fear of lack of skill, that I wouldn’t be able to create wholesome, nourishing, one-plate-wonders for myself; the lack of motivation to engage in a time-consuming activity that required a lot of pre-planning and experimenting; the thought that I didn’t need or deserve the fancy-schmancy meals and presentations that I offered to my family and friends. Looking back on…

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