Beetroot, Cashew And Apple Crumble


A few weeks I attended The Health Bloggers Community summit in London and upon arrival I got to trial out the new vegan Bounce Balls. I’ve always been a fan of Bounce’s original balls, however being lactose intolerant meant I could very rarely eat a whole ball, tummy ache free.

beetroot crumble 8.jpg

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with the new vegan balls but straight away I fell in love with them!  I’ve never been a fan of protein balls – I always find them quite stodgey and packed full of dates and nuts (y’kno, nothing too exciting) but the new bounce balls were full of unique and interesting flavours.

beetroot crumble.jpg

The new range consists of four flavours: Almond kale, cashew spirulina, beetroot cashew and coconut cumin. Instantly I was intrigued with the beetroot cashew and almond kale. I couldn’t quite image what the combination of flavours would taste like but alas…

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