Body Composition and Life Performance

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Following on from my previous post on fat loss I’m going to tell you a bit about body composition and its importance in life performance.

Body composition, quite obviously, is what your body is composed of: muscle, fat, skin, internal organs, hair, moles, toenails, and pretty much everything inside the various crevices on your body. (Mmm, sexy.)

But, for our purposes, when we talk about body composition, we’re talking about what you want to change when you say you want to lose weight; we’re talking about muscle mass and fat mass and the ratio of one to the other.

What is weightloss?

When you say “I want to lose weight” what you really mean is you want to alter your body composition favourably. You want to adjust the fat to muscle ratio so that fat is lower and muscle is higher than it previously was.

Scale weight then is rendered…

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