Flash Fiction – Mercenaries for Hire


More completely random fiction that could possibly be expanded upon if I decide to do so.

Sonez Perray’s champagne colored hair fell loose from behind her ear, swinging into her view. She combed it back with her fingers, lifting her eyes from her tablet’s screen. The bar was more crowded now than when she’d arrived more than an hour ago. The old man sitting a table over had ordered a shepherd’s pie, and she could smell the beef the moment he cut into it. Her stomach gave a long whine.

She pushed her forearm against her belly, annoyed. It wasn’t like she’d skipped breakfast. She shouldn’t already be hungry again. Unconsciously she opened the planner app on her tablet and found a blank slot in which to create an event. Parasite Check, she typed, then saved the task. It fell like a Tetris piece between two other tasks, and…

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