Happy World Dance Day!


Safira's Journey

It was 5 years ago, I started introducing myself to a dance. As long as you want to do it, there is no word ‘late’ for it. I did learning some Indonesian traditional dances. Then 2 years ago, I was accidentally involved in a group called Paradance in Yogyakarta. For the first time, I did know what is actually Paradance. I just knew that it is a group of dancers, but then the founders introduced us what is it about through involving ourselves in the event. Ourselves here means 7 members who were recruited in a project that Paradance wants to make.

Paradance1 Paradance performer

Paradance2 Yuhuuu… My teacher is performing

Paradance3 Bravo teacher!!!

Paradance4 My lovely teacher

Paradance5 Nice performance

So, the project is more about contemporary dance and the theme is taken from a daily life topic, hospitality. We did learning a lot about dances even from the Paradance we knew that so…

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