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As  the NHL enters the second round of the playoffs, we are in the twilight of the centennial season.  Earlier this year, the NHL announced their 100 greatest players of all time.

Monumental announcements, like this, are fodder for great bar room debates.  Unfortunately, the league took the easy way out, naming the players but not ranking them. My top 3 are below. I think you can argue over the other 97, but these three are set in stone! (Of course you can disagree with me. That’s part of the fun!)

Coaches: It is our responsibility to ensure our young players have a knowledge and an understanding of the game’s rich history.  Here is a primer, and a little commentary on how I teach it.

Here are 6 legends, every young player should know:

Mannon Rheaume 2, Montreal Gazette Manon Rheaume

Willie O'Ree, Cup Willie O’Ree

Gretzky Wayne Gretzky

Manon Rheaume:  First female to play in an NHL game.

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