How To Make Someone Want Something… BADLY? (Part 1/2)

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WARNING: The following things you’re going to learn might conflict with your understanding of the world. 

*** Besides, this thing might give you superpowers!***

So, use it carefully! It’s like handing nuclear weapon in a gunfight.

I’m serious. I ain’t joking. Use this trick at your own conscience, and whatever you do, do NOT share this to starngers.

I’m sharing this to you because I know that you guys deserve this. You can, but, NOT share it.

Before we get to the main topic, let me again warn you. If this causes people to become your “stalkers”, “unwanted fans”, “annoying followers”… I’m not responsible. YOU are. 

Here we go.

Ever wondered why diamond is more precious than coal? They both have got the same amount of carbon in them.

Again, why is gold more precious than silver or iron?

Some people may say it’s their shine, etc. that makes…

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