Myths Of The Mirror…

Zinni Thy Boulevard

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, show me grim realities of them all?” Asked a twenty year old, in anticipation of a traditional reply. However the mirror had much more to convey, with total internal reflection bringing enlightenment.

The Speaking Mirror The mirror responded in a satire:

The walls of the hospital had heard more prayers than the walls of the churches!

Now I know, nobody remembers God in good times, forcing him to send perils into lives.

The courts of law had witnessed more fights than the battle fields or borders!

Now I know, houses never become homes, cursing relationships with violence.

The airports of city had seen more kisses than the bedroom of newly weds!

Now I know, distances bring us closer, realising that happiness is staying together.

The mirror had reflected more truth than the palm predictors of destiny!

Now I know, I must be honest to myself…

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