Nocturnal Mom Travels: Camping and Island Hopping with Tropa P

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It’s been a while since this Nocturnal Mom filed for a vacation leave to have a “real” vacation. When my college friends planned to have a summer getaway, I immediately requested for a 3-day leave because I really felt that my husband and I need it. Thanks to my ever understanding boss, it was approved! I’d love to share with you our Zambales experience on this post. It’s extra special because: 1. the last time my husband and I went to the beach was 2 years ago, and 2. I missed my college friends sooo much (I call them Tropa, my highschool friends are Zabhao. Read about them here)

received_10212234722560920 photo by Win

MAP Travel and Tours made this trip possible. We availed their package and set foot in Crystal Beach Resort, located in San Narciso, Zambales (I have included a review of this place at the end of…

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