Not so Shopaholic!

Mistress of spice and everything nice

I sat there staring at my phone screen… the dress looked lovely! I imagined myself wearing that and I loved how I looked… but I was skeptical! Its online shopping… what if … what if the material wasn’t good? what if the size was an issue? what if i did not look as good as i imagined? and so many questions kept popping up. I kept the phone aside and decided to get it from a  shop.

Does any one else relate to this feeling of mine?? We ain’t shopaholics. Right?? Ya we ain’t! I have seen shopaholics and I can’t shop like them! I totally admire that they go by their instinct and pick up stuffs immediately! That must be such a satisfying feeling… I tried… I ended up feeling guilty :/ I knew I am weird!

However I don’t regret being this way… In fact this habit( i…

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