Perfume – Daily Prompt

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Invisible Illnesses

I have to be so careful with fragrances due to my interstitial cystitis (IC). It has amazed me how much they affect my bladder. I once wore perfume, but now I have to opt for lighter scents, like body sprays and they have to be very light in scent. The only thing I can be certain that will not hurt my bladder are essential oils. I use a lavender and argon oil mix on my hair after a shower to smooth out tangles and keep down the frizz, it also smells pretty.

I know, I’m selling Avon now, but that doesn’t mean I have to use all of their products. I use the ones I can tolerate and the ones I’ve always loved that have no fragrance or a very light fragrance. And of course I buy the purses and shoes. I must have purses and shoes! They don’t…

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