Replacing Judgment with Love


I had cleaned the kitchen; I was ready to take out the trash and figured I had maybe ten more minutes left in the nighttime routine when I saw the state of the kids’ rooms. Beds on the floor, dress up clothes discarded, books, toys, water bottles half full and laundry baskets overflowing with towels. Ugh.

What I should have done then was paused and taken a few deep breaths, marveling at the fact that the kids are still little, played creatively all weekend and spent the two days they had off together. What I did was dive deep into sorting, doling out assignments, vacuuming, organizing and assisting with reading words, finding that other shoe and disposing of cheese stick wrappers.

I had already declared that I had a handle on things inside so when my husband peeked his head in to give out goodnight kisses, he has slightly alarmed…

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