The Unnamed


Amidst life’srush,there appeared my first blush…

Not tall,dark or handsome but had no idea why my heart found an access into him ….

He stung with his magnetic eyes gazing at mine makingme a paralyzed prisoner!!!

The stab was so deadly that I could’nt help myself out but to remain stagnant in the pit of his smile….

The moment he dressed his undone hair,,,I got swayed along with his hairstrands … & fell as an addict to his alluring scent,way too drenched!!!

The dance was over & the applauds subsided,,,but struggled to free myself from the chaos….No words spoken yet felt magical experiencing a thunderstorm and sunshine all together striking me hardin those nanosecond glances filling my soul!!!

I wonder what would this feeling of ” my heart skipping a beat & butterflies fluttering in my stomach” called???

Love?? Lust?? Or a relationship unnamed????

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