What does a girl pack for a short trip ?

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Decisions, decisions, ……

How hard can it be right ? packing when going away for a short break should be fun and exciting, so why-o-why does it often end up like @_shelbizzle viral selfie……


The reasons are simple – making a decision, or more accurately (lack of), and not planning or organising in advance.

First, we put off packing till the last minute, big mistake! This leads to mild anxiety, and loads of stress induced non-decisions and procrastinations.

Second, lack of planning and organising as depicted in @_shelbizzle’s selfie above. Lets be honest, we’ve all been there, – Trying stuff on, Will it fit, Is it clean, Does it need an iron, I might need it, What if it rains, What if I get invited to, Does my bum look big in this, Do I look sexy in this, What if it rains, What…

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