When adulthood is approaching


The past few weeks have been chaos, chaos in my head. Graduation (for the second time) is only two months away, and yet again, just like last year, the question “what next?” comes knocking on my door. A million scenarios have crossed my mind. The initial plan was to start an LLM degree in the UK in February 2018, but when I had a closer look at the financial picture I realized I would be losing more than gaining. So my plan, where my current degree was part of, suddenly got wiped away. I literally spent hours trying to adapt it, maybe I could study in the Netherlands, or in Germany… Although I’m quite a realistic person suddenly any possible scenario came to mind.

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One thought on “When adulthood is approaching

  1. What an awesome topic? Yes when does adulthood approaches. Clearly I think many people begin to discover adulthood when they reach a certain age. And many times Most of it starts by the different changes and faces they go through. But great question.

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