Words are stronger than sticks and stones to break bones! 

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Hold you breath, and count to ten before saying anything to a certain person.

When you need to talk to someone, think of what are you going to say for them. Because words if go out of your mouth, it will not come back again, it could hurt them, if you say something wrong, even you don’t mean that, but people don’t understand that you said that spontaneously. So it will be there passive consequences over you, words could break bones more than sticks and stones! 

Finally, we are responsible of what we say, we have to be aware in selecting the word before uttering it.

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2 thoughts on “Words are stronger than sticks and stones to break bones! 

  1. Good Advice! Takes practice, especially when you are influenced by the past 🙂 Try and learn from mistakes, and own up to them as fast as you can. Least , that’s my motto. Apologize quickly, it is the best thing you can do. We are all flawed humans……

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  2. You hit the point exactly, when we were influenced by the past, we experienced different types of people, so we try as possible as we can avoid making mistakes against people. Your motto is so nice, which it reflects that you are so much tolerance

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