Opportunities Are Always There 


Searching for opportunities to make our lives better seems to be an ongoing thing.

Improving one’s health and wealth are the two biggest ones I see people searching the world wide web for.

Ideas happen everyday. Benjamin Franklin invented many useful tools we use today. How did those opportunities start? A vision for a brighter future lead to the inventions we all use today.

Has someone approached you about having a home business and you pop pooed the idea?

Opportunity just knocked at your door! It was screaming at you “Let me in!”

Was this your last chance to change the world? Make your finances better, improve your health, spend more time with your family, finally get free from having a traditional job?

Which by the way stands for “Just Over Broke”.

I can’t answer those questions for you. Only Youcan.

Go out and sieze the day. Make a…

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5 Steps Toward Success

Ipuna Black

Every single person wants to be successful. The definition of success varies amongst people. Although the final product of success will not be the same for everyone, there are steps anyone can take to get closer to success.

5 Steps Toward Success

  1. Know your end goal. Keep focused. There are a lot of distractions in this world. With the internet and social media, our time can quickly be sucked up. There is no way you can be and do everything. Decide three areas of your life to focus your energy and work on those. For example, if you want to be a published author, work on your book. You have to be consistent with your word count goals per day. If you spread your time too thin, you may not ever accomplish your primary goal.
  2. Create small steps. Large goals can feel overwhelming! Break them down into smaller ones. You…

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Meaning of your existence


​You are the one who loves the oceans..

Your rivers never change their directions..

You see​ so many sea shells on the shore…

As you step over them you feel you want more…

And as you pass by in silence..

You search for the meaning of your existence…

You are just a vestige in a stage of this nature…

You don’t take away anything in this adventure…

You take the oar and sail across the ocean

There comes a storm in your way

Don’t forget you have to survive

If you fight you can come back to life…

And as you pass by in silence..

You search for the meaning of your existence…

You are just a vestige in a stage of this nature…

You don’t take away anything in this adventure…

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Replacing Judgment with Love


I had cleaned the kitchen; I was ready to take out the trash and figured I had maybe ten more minutes left in the nighttime routine when I saw the state of the kids’ rooms. Beds on the floor, dress up clothes discarded, books, toys, water bottles half full and laundry baskets overflowing with towels. Ugh.

What I should have done then was paused and taken a few deep breaths, marveling at the fact that the kids are still little, played creatively all weekend and spent the two days they had off together. What I did was dive deep into sorting, doling out assignments, vacuuming, organizing and assisting with reading words, finding that other shoe and disposing of cheese stick wrappers.

I had already declared that I had a handle on things inside so when my husband peeked his head in to give out goodnight kisses, he has slightly alarmed…

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