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Read and tell me if you agree or not :D.

Have fun with it. I know you ladies and gentleman know someone who does some of these signs. Some of them are nonsense though. But this is all about FUN. HAVE FUNΒ  WITH IT!

Flashback πŸ˜€

So I was scanning through some page on Reddit and I came across with this specific question, “What’s a sign that you should not trust someone?” Since I got time to kill, I began to read most out of the 500 comments listed. In the middle of it, I thought of, why not post this on my blog so y’all can have fun reading. So here are my top 20 signs:

  1. When they reveal other people’s secrets to you.You just know they will do the same with your secret.
  2. When you call them out on something minor and they double down on the lie.
  3. When they’re always talking crap about their friends to you. It’s safe to assume they’re talking shit about you too.
  4. You notice their opinion changes depending on who they’re around.
  5. When they tell you consistently to trust them. LOOOOOL!
  6. My friend taught me, “if someone has to tell you they’re something it’s because they’re not.” To this day I have yet to meet a person, who tells me they’re trustworthy that actually are.
  7. When they say stuff like this: 95% of my conversations are governed by the realities you described. Empty conversation, day in and day out. The other 5% is when I’m drunk and sloppily telling my social group to shove their hollow words up their rear ends.
  8. When they want to tell you the story of Darth Plagueis.
  9. When they say things like: That little fish on the back of their car. Not even one of those people will sell me seafood.
  10. When you’re gone to Tennessee to train for a new job for six weeks, so you can better support them and in your 3rd week you get a phone call at 9:30 pm from that person sobbing, because they feel guilty about meeting and banging someone on Tinder in your absence.
  11. If they talk crap about other people all the time.
  12. If they keep rubbing their hands together, whilst laughing manically. Moustache twirling and Victorian attire are also red flags!
  13. If they screenshot on Snapchat.
  14. When they tell you deeply personal things about themselves even though you just met.
  15. When they start selling the perks of their personality to you and defending themselves in scenarios they relate to you.
  16. If your dog doesn’t like them.
  17. When they violate other people’s trust. Red flag!
  18. If they frequently cancel plans at the last minute. If they see you as such a low priority in their life, you know you can’t count on them when it matters.
  19. When they abuse people whoΒ can’t fight back — rude to food service workers, retail clerks, shy people, or at least rude behind their backs.
    Someday, you might be a person who can’t fight back.
  20. Never trust someone who is constantly telling you other people’s personal crap.

If you want to check out the whole Reddit page, here’s the link:

If you have Reddit well what you waiting for come join me. Let’s Network πŸ˜€

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  1. Sooooooooooooooooooooo true!

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  2. 16 & 18 – couldn’t be more true!

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  3. Hands down 16th one is rad. Other points I agree with are 11,12, 13, 17, 18, 20. Amazing post. πŸ™‚

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  4. Nice ones to pick πŸ˜€ and Thanks


  5. 1, 3 , 18, 19 are totally relateable!!
    Patient research my friend😎😎

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  6. mistressofspiceandeverythingnicee

    Amazing post!! πŸ˜€ 16th one holds so right for me.. Haha! I become suspicious if my dogs dont like someone 😁

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  7. mistressofspiceandeverythingnicee
  8. #16 definitely! Dogs knows!

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  9. really amazing signs lol

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  10. # 16.. that one ☝️ I truly takes seriously πŸ˜’…
    the others…
    some are really funny πŸ˜‚..,and some I’m guilty of.. a some are downright true…,

    Thanks for sharing..
    was really fun reading πŸ“– and I get a look of how spot a shady character…
    and also learned to step back and look at me…

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