Coughing up #2


Coughing up #1

7033df7b0dee0c74a862af11546c4ac2 ‘March 24, 1985.

Our school closed today! The sky is crystal clear.The summer months are approaching slowly.I can’t wait to go out and pluck the juicy and ripened mangoes! They are much yellower this year!The aam(mango) tree cannot stand straight because of their weight! I will also pluck some for ma(mom) and dadi(grandma) Golu and preeti will be arriving soon.’

Kia closed the dairy and kept it on her bed side table. Were mangoes available on trees, back then? Kia thought. She had begun her chemistry classes just this year. They were taught how to make fruits from various gasses and metals! She had made a small, purple mango! But, it didn’t taste that good. It was a bit sour! She wondered if yellow mangoes, that were available on trees tasted better! Soon, It was evening. Kia accompanied her mom to the plant shop. It wasn’t any…

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