Dare to win!

Eclipse Stories

Sun and Moon dares to write and won the challenge!

Wait..what? Eclipse Stories won again?? Woah! Yesss! For the second time,we won a six word story challenge. Thankyou! Thank you so much..

My (Sun’s) winning story for this week’s word prompt : DARE .

Stepping out of the closet.. Finally!

I love writing stories and I could not imagine having it in six words only until I found out about this challenge here in wordpress . It is basically writing your story using six words..SIXWORDSonly. Sounds like a challenge , right ? So I tried my hand into it and comment my entry then vioala.. I won something!

My first wonbrought me to cloud nine..and now, winning for the second time is just.. Wow! *speechless* I can’t explain how I feel at the moment but I’m soo grateful for this award. Thank you,

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