Do More Than Just Exist (part3)


Life is a gift. Wake up and realize that.

Hello there! So, how do you live your life? Do you LOVE your life? Do you look forward to the gift of a new day every morning?

If you haven’t read DoMoreThanJustExist (part1) or (part2), I strongly recommend that you do. Of all my posts, DoMoreThanJustExist has been one that I have been able to do so many parts/ sequels on. Everyday, so many people start or continue to hate their lives. It’s actually a real problem, because some people forgot what happiness feels like. Many of us live as robots, following a repetitive pattern that we don’t like, but we feel that we do not have the capacity or ability to change it. That’s not living, that’s existing.

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20 thoughts on “Do More Than Just Exist (part3)

  1. Very few can recognize that this life is a gift..
    and is to be appreciated.. and be full of gratitude for being apart of something so divine….

    None of us had the choice of being here…
    we got it.. so we should make the most of it..
    I find great joy in everyday I have..

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  2. Visit the page to see the rest of the reblog 😀

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  3. Lol ok. I got super powers lol

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  4. What super powers you got

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