Everybody Has a Love Story (Part 3)

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Firstof all, I apologise to all my lovely readers who had been waiting for the 3rd part of this story, for uploading this so late! 😦


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Where the hell was Lee Maxwell?

Then would it always be Travis to coordinate us? Now, I was having second thoughts about attending those so-called special classes.

It seemed to be the most boring one and a half hour of my life. Practising algebra, writing boring essays, jotting down homework, God! It was unbearable.

By the time it ended, I was famished.
A black hole was slowly churning inside of my stomach, threatening to swallow in all my organs if I didn’t chug a chicken burrito into its monstrous mouth.

So, I decided to stop by the pretty little cafeteria ‘Caroline’s Treat‘ near my school, run by an elderly lady…

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