Giving Heals & Lightens✨


Recently, I hosted a giveaway which was something very new to me. In the beginning, I saw it as a simple, kind gesture; just something nice that people do every once in a while. When I first announced this giveaway, I wasn’t extremely excited because in my head I thought, “People will only enter for the gift, not for the support” and “All I’m getting is people that are going to follow me then unfollow me when it’s all over!” In a sense, it was kind of heartbreaking knowing that I put in all of this work for something that I truly love, only to have others around me take it as a joke. I prayed and prayed that when it came time to choose the giveaway winner that I would make the right choice. Do you guys know that God works in mysterious ways? When it came to an…

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  1. This is a beautiful message. Sending love your way! ❤️

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