Guys, you have it GOOD! (Amen, Ladies?)

Exceptional lol:D

Minnie Musings

Let’s get the elephant out of the room.

1. Men can pee standing up.

I’m not the kind to use the P word, but this had to be said. (Cuz who’s not thinking it?) Seriously, undo a zipper and you’re there, guys! Man! (No offense with that exclamation.) I literally made a decision about an outfit I bought for a lady friend last week on how complicated it would be for her to use the toilet in it with a baby in tow. Also, men probably avoid all kinds of viruses. If we ladies are delicate, it’s not so much that we’re made of porcelain as that we have to sit on it.

2. Men don’t need to wear shirts in summer

This was THE BIGGIE for me as a girl. I get hot super easily, so it felt tremendously unfair when one (or all) of my four brothers could…

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