Perks of being Fearless

Rae Days

We are fearless not because life doesn’t scare us but because we’ve learnt to be stronger than that fear that cripples ,that holds us back from our dreams, that tells us what we can and can’t do; only we can tell ourselves that.

We are fearless because it may not be easy but we still keep moving forward despite the obstacles. I tell people; love your body and what you do but in my darkest moments I feel the tears or the doubt. It doesn’t mean am a hypocrite, it just means am human. I believe every single word I say and even my state of mind can’t change that.

Our greatest desires await us and we may stumble or fall but nothing no fear, no hate should hold us back. We should think of all our achievement so far all the things that have brought us happiness, when you’ve…

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One thought on “Perks of being Fearless

  1. Great and thanks for the share and yes we too will feel all this cause we are humans though we tell people how to behave. Great words of inspiration.

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