Saturday in the Life



The weather has been crazy lately, from Monday thru Wednesday it was scorching hot. Then came Thursday and Friday the weather become cooler but very windy. Today is also windy but sunny thought it’s cold without a jacket. Which made me think if I should go for a walk or not. My body says no but my itchy feet is dying 😆. Plus I have a headache when I woke up. So I told myself maybe if I go I will feelBetter.

So I went, drove for about 15 minutes and when I turned to the Great Highway part of the road was close due to flooding. In my mind “I knew I shouldn’t have left” 🙄. Anyway so I re route and still continue until I reach the Lands End Lookout Parking.

I got off my car and remembered I forgot to take zyrtec! Good job self!!…

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