She….. #knowsshes

She knows she’s extraordinaryly complicated.

She once carried just about anything on her shoulders because she’s a natural worrywart.

She no longer tiptoes over eggshells instead she fucking stomps all over them.

She can and will crush you like a bug if it comes right down to it.

She isn’t scared to say what she thinks.

She knows she’s bound to have a melt down here and there.

She projects her feelings onto her sleeve for everyone to see.

She feels everything so goddamn deeply.

She owns her hurtful mistakes.

She has a bruised heart.

She knows she’s extremely fucking loyal even if you’re not.

She stopped trying to repair things because she cannot do it all alone.

She wants people in her life she doesn’t need them and that’s the difference.

She doesn’t get mad she gets distant.

She does what she wants now.

She knows she’s genuine by building others…

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