Stranger at the River Bank

Colombage's Corner

river bank
I wanted to be alone and myself
needed to gather the scattered thoughts
and to escape the gloomy spell of social norms
casted upon me
So I took a walk to the river bank
where no one else went
Where no else but I thought the river looked beautiful
There he was
watching the water with such intensity
as if he was reveling in its beauty
and being fed from its strength
I wondered; if he was a hunter or just a prey…
Then he turned and looked at me
He didn’t smile, he didn’t greet
He didn’t snarl, nor did he chase me away
But he saw me
and accepted my presence silently
he moved back and forth
then made space for me
I stood next to him
there we stood on a lonely river bank
marveling at the beauty of the fierce river flow
drawing strength and warmth…

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2 thoughts on “Stranger at the River Bank

  1. Simplicity at its best!


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