Suits and Ties – Two Styles of Confidence – Which one are You?


Suits and TiesSelf Confidence, what lies within that feeling which causes us to walk in pride, push our shoulders back, stand tall and glide through life in ease? That feeling of openness and knowing that our statements really matter? What makes us that force of attraction that causes people to gravitate toward our unique qualities like an unstoppable magnet?

It never seems to amaze me the amount individuals that have such a hard time grasping this skill. We have all been gifted a life of individuality and uniqueness, for me this alone should be enough to prove our greatness toward the world. That no one within this reality is an exact replica of who you are, not even close. I really want to dwell within this topic and yes I want to get personal.

So much confusion surrounds our understanding of who we are and what is acceptable of us to fit within…

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