The Arrival. 

Wild Paradox.

Photo Source: Twitter. 

I’m happy that the misery arrived for if it wouldn’t have, then it would not have ever ended. I realised for the misery to halt it was needful for it to dawn. So I got ready for a dreary ride. Pain inflicted on me and with the arrival of every pain I lived free and tranquil.

Every end is followed by a start. Just like for every rainbow, the rain has to arrive. For every butterfly to waft there has to be a caterpillar. There exists a dry ripe seed for every soft petal to blossom. For every step to be taken, a risk awaits. For the healing of every wound an ointment causes burning, just like for every sun to rise there has to be a dark night.

The world will hold on to you, as long as you hold on to yourself. It’s always…

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