The Charming Quirks of Others Novel (My Summary)

Eva Harmoni

Title: The Charming Quirks of Others
An Isabel Dalhouise Novel

Author: Alexander McCall Smith

Copyright Year: 2010

Read this on April 2017

Isabel was in her niece’s cafe, when Jillian approached her. Jillian asked for her help because her husband Alex, recieved an anonymous letter. The letter mentioned the three candidates for the new school principal (which no one else knows about aside from the board members). It says that one of them could threaten the school’s reputation. She discovered a few things about the candidates. Jhon Frauser was a climber who was guilty about something. Later on she discovered that he helped someone he climbed with in Mt. Everest, but cut the rope off someone he climbed with (Cameron) years ago so he could save himself. The other candidate, Gordon, turns out to be her niece’s (Cat) boyfriend. Isabel suspected him of writing the letter because he knows who…

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