The Only Thing That Can Knock You Down

Hello World Goodnight Universe

Hello World,

Whenever you start to doubt yourself and forget how strong you really are… Take a look back on all the things you’ve been through and you’ll see you’ve come very far…

We all have days we don’t know if we’ll get past or ever truly get through, yet the only think that can knock you down is the one and only you!!!! Sweet dreams my friends ❤😴❤

You all know my story and I am now only $1040 from reaching my dream and getting that shuttle bus. I’m so close and have to have it paid off and get it off the property where it is by May 20th and I need your help to do so…. The active link is in my profile.

It’s time for me to truly begin my healing journey and to keep my promise of spreading my sons ashes where I promised…

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  1. Thank you my friend ❤❤❤ I am grateful 🙏😘🙏

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