There’s Nothing WORSE than a Cheapskate


I cannot STAND a cheapskate. Why even go out if you don’t have money or don’t want to spend money. Stay your ass at HOME! Ugh.

This is the story of a guy I saw once in a while who NEVER wanted to pay for anything..

As usual, I met him on Tinder and we hit it off pretty well and decided to meet up. He worked for NASA and he was some super nerdy science guy. We met at the Bodega Wine Bar in Pasadena. It was a great place for a date because it was super intimate and it wasn’t super loud or full of people so we were able to talk. He showed up wearing a sweater vest which was SUPER adorable and he was just so cute. Or at least I thought. We talked over wine and some appetizers because I wasn’t too hungry and I…

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