Tuitions: The Myth that Shadowed my Dreams !


In India probably I can say 90% of the Parents send their Childrens for Tuitions right from they start their Kindergarten, agreed if they attend classes than in future it will not be difficult to learn in higher standards but I feel that kids needs to enjoy their life playing and doing things they love and not carrying them right till the door step of the teacher 😁.

They too think why my mom sends me away from her to this Lady, am I torture to her. I feel they should make listen to the Poems, ABC’S at home which they learn in kindergarten as they have a ability grab everything they hear and see ,and kids as we know they can recite it like ‘n’ number of times , even if you play a rap song for 6-8 times a day they will start doing it in 10 days…

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