But Actually, Be Yourself

The Golden Wave

So a few of you guys have emailed me asking for blogging advice, and honestly, the biggest piece of advice I can offer is to BE YOURSELF. Seriously! I’ve definitely noticed in the “blogging world” and life in general,everyone tries to put off this image of being what they think they should be or look like, instead of just doing the easiest thing and being who you really are. Plus, that’s what makes you interesting. Individuality is so underrated and I hate that. Why is that so freakin’ hard?! Why do we make things ten times more difficult than they have to be?

We need to look beyond the whole cliché advice of “Just be yourself! You’re special!” and realize that we add so much unnecessary anxiety to our lives by trying to be something we aren’t.

In the blogging community, I am surrounded by people who absolutely kill it…

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