Coughing up#4


Coughing up #1

Coughing up #2

Coughing up #3

Her personal robot, Misami was going to throw the diary into the garbage eater! Kia had forgotton that, Misami had her cleaning check at this time. She knew that the garbage eater never gave anything back. It once ate her science assignment. Misami’s system might have designated the diary as waste. Kia screamed,’stop’ and quickly ran to the garbage eater, next to which Misami was standing.

Kia dived into the air to catch the falling book from Misami’s metal hand, until it was to late to have landed in the garbage eaters wide mouth. ‘Phew, that was close!’ Kia said with relief. Suddenly she began to gasp for air. She then realised, her oxygen tank was half empty! Oh she had to rest and wait until tomorrow to get her refill of oxygen. Kia decided to store the diary in a…

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