Happy Mother’s Day! Mothers Come in Different Forms

Ipuna Black

Happy Mother’s Day (for those who celebrate it)! Who are we celebrating exactly with the Mother’s Day holiday? There are several definitions of a mother, but here are two: 1. “a female parent” and 2. “maternal tenderness or affection.” I don’t believe that just because a female fits definition #1, she provides definition #2. Mothers help raise children, and mothers come in different forms. Some children are not given the opportunity to be raised by their birth mothers, but this doesn’t mean that they weren’t blessed with a mothers in a different form.


Mothers Come in Different Forms

On this Mother’s Day, I want to acknowledge and wish mothers of all forms a Happy Mother’s Day. You all help raise our most precious gifts on Earth, children- our future.

  • Birth mother: You gave birth to your beloved child and you provide him/her with tenderness, affection, guidance, a home, and…

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