How to earn money with ‘Begpacking?’


Selling postcards, playing guitar or just sitting on a rag with a board: ”Please give me some money for my Worldtrip”. The trend ”Begpacking” becomes very popular in Southeast Asia. Some people love to do it. Others disgust it and say that it’s bad for the economic wellness of the local people. The moral answer is difficult and there are a lot of opinions about it on social media. But how can you become a ”Begpacker?” 

Selling scorpions to local people


If you can’t play an instrument or make awesome photo’s to sell it as a postcard you can always play the Beg-packer who sells scorpions. First you need to catch the dangerous animal, then fry it and later hopefully some locals will buy it. They love scorpions right? I think it would be not a good idea, because most of locals don’t eat bugs and scorpions. When I ate…

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