Meet Your Greet: Week 6. 

Sweta Ojha

“Cause it’s about time you meet what you’d like to greet!”right here on this space meant for you, for me and for us.”

Today at Meet Your Greet, I coin a topic that is an inevitable truth reigning the society. While I personally believe Feminism is not just a word but the need of this hour, I notice the negatives and the positives struggling against each other on feminists. As far as I believe, there is a thin line between Feminists and Feminazis that should never be crossed. I believe the word is utterly misjudged by some and that ruins the real motive. To this, I must remind you that the best feminists I know of are men and I believe that settles my opinion.

Nevertheless, this forum is open to your opinions and perspectives on the same. Let’s discuss and greet views.

About Meet Your Greet

The Theme…

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